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Monitoring the Effectiveness of Blood Thinning Medication


  • qLabs® PT-INR Monitoring System

    for Professional Point-of-Care and Patient Self-Testing


    • CLIA Waiver compliance

    • On board quality controls

    • Dry-reagent strips stored at room temperature for immediate use, no equilibration required

    • High Isolation between channels for high precision

    • Strong correlation to central laboratory results

    • Built in communication port for a printer and connectivity software

    • LOW ISI as recommended by ACCP, CAP, and WHO

    Sample Types and Volume

    Fingertip blood sample of 10 L

    Time to Results

    Reliable PT-INR results in less than 2 minutes

    CV (%)


    Hematocrit Range

    30% to 55%

    Sensitivity to Heparin

    Insensitive up to 3 U/mL blood (unfractionated & LMW) Heparin

    Operating Temperature Range

    10° to 35° C

    Operating Humidity Range

    10 % to 90 % RH

    Shelf Life at Room Temperature

    18 months

    qLabs® PT-INR test shows strong correlation with the Stago STA® NEOPLASTINE® CI PT-INR test. The correlation coefficient is 0.96 with an intercept of -0.08 and slope of 1.004.


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