Thorax PC ECG

General Description

Thoriax is a PC-based computerized electrocardiograph system with full ergometry functionallty.

Thoriax consists of three main parts:

-          The ECG sampler is a very small external computer peripheral device that can be connected to any IBM PC-based computer via USB or parallel port.

-          The electrodes are all connected to the ECG sampler device.

-          Visualization and recording are performed by the Thoriax software that is a 32-bit application running on all versions of Microsoft Windows.

Thoriax is a high quality 12-lead ECG system.

Thoriax is extendable with a number of medical systems (ergometers, blood pressure meters, suction electrodes, etc.)


-          Sampling: 2000 samples/sec

-          Resolution: 12 bits

-          Number of channels: 12

-          Input impedance: > 10 Mohms

-          Patient protection: Floating earth (IEC 601)

-          Defibrillator protection: 5kV (1 kV/microsec)

-          CMRR: >120 dB

-          Filter: 35, 50/60, 100/120Hz

-          Time constant: 3.2 sec

-          Linearity error: <0.5%, < ½ LSB

-          Polarization voltage: +- 400 mV

-          Leads: 12 standard + 3 Frank

 FINANCE PROVIDED for "qualifying customers" in SA via FINTECH


R amount

24 months 36  months 48 Months 60 Months


              22,000                     1,060                        755                        602



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